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anotherplanettheshow's News

Posted by anotherplanettheshow - April 13th, 2015

When Bartholomhew is close to death and splits as a survival technique, Holomhew is the positive charge and Bart is the negative charge. They can't conduct static if they aren't near eachother, but the closer they get the more conductive they get.

In order for them to form back into Bartholomhew, not only do they need to be together, but they have to fight eachother so it will charge them up enough to fuse.

Interestingly, if Zak (the positive charge of Zakary) charges with Bart, they will form a new hybrid super-conductor. However, their "politics" would get in the way.


Check out the 3 available episodes of my show please! I love to write and create worlds, and i make stick figure videos like no one else, give it a shot! Thank you!!

Posted by anotherplanettheshow - April 11th, 2015

The reviews this time around to episode 3 was the best yet! It seems like the few people who are keeping up with Another Planet are very impressed, however, it still doesn't have more than 300 views.

Episode 4 will be the finale of Volume 1, after that i'm going to edit them all together and release the full movie while i start working on Volume 2. I hope by this time i'll have an audience to kick off the premiere with!

Just a little prediction, although i may not be motivated to do a second volume if i don't see any signs of it being worth my time.

i would be very sad to end the show on a cliffhanger, but for now, i'm just focusing on making the finale crazier than any other episode yet! always improve, never do the same thing twice! 

let me know if you like my work and would want to collaborate with me

Posted by anotherplanettheshow - April 9th, 2015

Currently under the threat of judgement!! please help out and give it a 5! This is one of the most epic climaxes i've put in an episode yet!



Posted by anotherplanettheshow - March 28th, 2015

just a quick update for all 3 of my fans, i finished animating episode 3 and will begin audio production this week, look out for it soon! 

im proud of this one, i think i really captured a perfect balance of action and character developement, im just hoping some more people can get into the story because i got big plans for it and i would hate to let the disappointment get to me enough that i would quit

anyway, it might be my favorite one yet so please stay tuned!

Posted by anotherplanettheshow - February 10th, 2015

So far episode 2 of my experimental stick drama Another Planet has recieved even less appreciation than the first one. I will press on, however. If I don't complete the story then my months of hard work are in veign. I still believe this can succeed, I still believe in the power of good writing. Please, if you're reading this, just give it a look, I promise it isn't like anything you've seen before

Posted by anotherplanettheshow - February 6th, 2015

Episode 2 of my experimental stick figure drama has been uploaded! Please enjoy the story, questions are answered as well as proposed! The Dynasty fights along the great wall built by their slaves, Solace makes himself test subject B-14, and the only person capable of defeating the Dynasty finally appears!

It takes me about 3 months to make these with Paint and Final Cut Pro, I shoot all the footage myself, and I also do the voice acting and soundtrack! Thanks for paying attention to me!! I just like making stories, so please judge it on that rather than my amateurish animation quality 

Posted by anotherplanettheshow - January 20th, 2015

a week or two of recording and mixing the audio and it will be on to the next one!! i've never been more proud of an animated project than this episode. i can't wait for everyone to see the epicness


just for reference, here is a link to the finale of my first animated series "Taog", to give a sense of how exciting the climaxes of my stories are: 



Posted by anotherplanettheshow - January 7th, 2015

So far 1 episode and the next trailer of Another Planet has come out. For the most part the negative criticism I get concerns the low quality and detail, but thats just because I like telling the stories and I want to get new episodes out quick.

Maybe that's unprofessional, sure, but i'm not doing any conventional style of animating that will grow and get better and land me some sort of job, all i can offer is an intense and engaging story mixed around in an experimental way.

i hope that it is enjoyed by somebody, thanks!

Posted by anotherplanettheshow - December 3rd, 2014

Typically when I make an episodic series of videos these days, i end up stitching them all together at the end to release it as one big movie. So just to give you the impression that this series will go on and will eventually get pretty epic, and you could just watch the movie in about a year from now, or you could see it as it comes out! 



Posted by anotherplanettheshow - November 24th, 2014

I am starting my 5th major animation project "Another Planet" this week. My previous series/movies include Taog, Anomy Undone, The Mind of Turtle, and A Starving Artist. However, my methods of animating are a bit strange. See, when I first made Taog I just wanted to tell an epic dbz style story and I realized that I certainly couldn't film anything like that, but what if I went into MS Paint and drew a stick figure, then save it and draw it again but slightly moving. Obviously i failed miserably at making this look appealing.

It wasn't until this year (5 years later) that I released The Mind of Turtle, which featured the most incredible paint animation I had ever done. But that movie was also half live action, so now for the past 3 months I've been working on the first episode of my new series Another Planet which I hope will be recieved well here. Newgrounds certainly seems to entitle everybody to more views and upfront exposure than youtube, so I just hope you will like it! thank for reading, It will be uploaded maybe tonight or tomorow.