Entry #19


2015-08-23 12:08:45 by anotherplanettheshow

Episodes 1-4 of my series have been remastered and edited together.

1 year in the making, this is my latest animation project now being released as a short film! please give it the benefit of the doubt because it is a highly experimental method of animation and story.  

Another Planet is made with paint animation and live footage backgrounds. The story is about another planet with intelligent life that's only 6 inches tall. They can't build a society, but they can jump high and some can conduct the static in the air and electrocute others. For centuries these superconductor beings have fought each other over who controls the enslaved population. And now a scientist among them has joined the fight in order to lead the population in a better way.

This is a 15 minute experimental short film written, animated, and scored by Rory O'Donnell

and PLEASE tell me what you think!



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