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anotherplanettheshow's News

Posted by anotherplanettheshow - 1 month ago

If anyone's listening,

For the past 2 years I've been writing a new animated story, I've been animating it for about 6 months and I am so god damn excited about it. It is by far the greatest animation I've ever done and the writing will take many by surprise, I think.

I do need some voice actors and a fuck ton of sound effects if anyone is interested in helping.

Be warned, it may be my ego talking, but I'm cooking up something good for you newgrounds. Soon you won't have to take my word for it.


(About my previous work)

My old show Another Planet was a little too experimental, but I've been animating since I was 15 just using Paint and Movie Maker. Some of my older stick figure dramas were semi popular back in the day, you can find all my work at these youtube channels:




Thus, this is just a shameless hype post, thank you, carry on


Posted by anotherplanettheshow - August 23rd, 2015

Episodes 1-4 of my series have been remastered and edited together.

1 year in the making, this is my latest animation project now being released as a short film! please give it the benefit of the doubt because it is a highly experimental method of animation and story.  

Another Planet is made with paint animation and live footage backgrounds. The story is about another planet with intelligent life that's only 6 inches tall. They can't build a society, but they can jump high and some can conduct the static in the air and electrocute others. For centuries these superconductor beings have fought each other over who controls the enslaved population. And now a scientist among them has joined the fight in order to lead the population in a better way.

This is a 15 minute experimental short film written, animated, and scored by Rory O'Donnell

and PLEASE tell me what you think!


Posted by anotherplanettheshow - August 20th, 2015

Episode 3 of my experimental paint animation drama has now been remastered, please check out my series, i promise there's nothing else like it



Posted by anotherplanettheshow - August 15th, 2015

The experimental paint drama is back will new episodes starting in september! also be on the look out for the full edit of VOLUME 1 remastered!



Posted by anotherplanettheshow - June 25th, 2015

Episode 2: Zakary of Another Planet has now been updated with new sound effects and animation, please check it out it! 


Another Planet is an experimental stick figure paint drama animated over live backgrounds in a new inventive storyline

Posted by anotherplanettheshow - June 22nd, 2015

a long over due update for the first episode of my experimental stick figure paint drama is here as im working on the full edit of Volume 1. I rerecorded a lot of the audio and sound effects and raised the video quality, please check it out! if you've never seen it now is the time! its better now than ever!!



Posted by anotherplanettheshow - June 7th, 2015

All the most intense battles from my experimental stick figure paint drama Another Planet are here so you can see all the good shit without having to watch the actual episode!

just check me out or go to this playlist:


Posted by anotherplanettheshow - June 3rd, 2015

i make these weird paint stick figures over live background kinda animations, but also sat down and wrote an indepth story and characters and plotlines. i release the finale and it stopped around 300 views and not a single review

does really no one have a single thing to say about this? atleast when i released the trailer two people told me it sucked.

i know im not automatically entitled to your attention, but i thought i'd atleast get something

i tried all year to get something going on newgrounds, but i dont really belong here i guess. here is the playlist of the full series and the finale episode that was more of a disappointment than bruce jenner's marriage


Full series playlist:


Finale episode:


Posted by anotherplanettheshow - June 2nd, 2015

My experimental stick figure live background paint drama is finally completed, i will be editing together all 4 episodes into a single movie, but for now you can finally pick up where that cliffhanger left off. 

It hasn't been a gracious or promising road with any of these episodes, but i set out to finish the story and i finally did, the finale ends in the biggest twist yet! if you would like to see volume 2 please let me know, otherwise i think im calling it quits after this, but thanks to those who watched it and were into it!!



Posted by anotherplanettheshow - May 18th, 2015

I'm working extra hard on this one because its the finale of Volume 1. After it comes out im going to edit together all the episodes and release Volume 1 as a single movie.

Still deciding whether or not to make Volume 2, nobody likes what im doing with this stick figure drama. I know its weird, but i though i really belonged on newgrounds.

However there are some big twists coming up and this episode is also the most beautifully animated out of the 4. I love doing this as a hobby but i think im giving up if the only reviews i get are that it's garbage or "is this a joke"?

anyway, if you are into it, heres the trailer, thanks